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Four Ways to Get Children Interested in Brushing Their Teeth

  1.  Build it into existing routines.  Children thrive on routines.  Help them assosciate teeth brushing with getting ready for the day and getting ready for bed.  Talk babies through what you are doing to get them ready, “First we get dressed for the day, then we brush our teeth, then we comb our hair.”
  2. Get the right tooth brushing supplies for your kids.  Try toothbrushes with fun characters, or try fun flavors of toothpaste not too “spicy,” and use a sand timer to make sure that kids brush for two minutes.
  3. Get kids excited about keeping their teeth clean.  Many kids like singing tooth brushing songs.  Check out the Department of Health’s website for some fun ones! You can tell silly stories or jokes while your kids are brushing.  You can also encourage your kids to keep their teeth pearly white for the tooth fairy.
  4. Model good behavior for your kids.  Practice good tooth brushing habits yourself, and bring your kids with you to see us every six months.

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